Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mage Knights: Quick Study

“There are six masks.” Crowlin expounded as they trotted along. “Each has a name and is infused with dark magic that grants the wearer differing abilities, depending on which mask is worn. One, the Kahu Ifera, can be accounted for. It’s the mask I cut away from the face of the dead man at the Instructory.”

“Does the book you were reading list the masks and their abilities?” Kashé asked.

“It does.” Crowlin answered. “The Kahu Ifera boosted the wearer’s cunning and magical power. It’s currently at the Instructory, and Myrrdin’s watching over it. We only have to deal with the other five masks.”

“Tell us more about the other masks. We need to know what we are to stand against.” Coriko said intently, leaning forward.

Kashé glanced at Sage, who was staring at the countryside as they trotted through it on their horses. “Sage? Are you listening?”

“I’m thinking.” Sage answered, looking at his companions. “About why they’re doing it.”

Deviån scoffed. “Oh yes, we’ll have the time to stop and ask them why they do what they do before we lop off their heads.”

“Which is why I’m thinking about it.” Sage replied sharply. “Did it occur to you that it won’t be easy as just lopping off their heads? That they could possibly be stronger than us? We assume that just killing them will be the end of it. If we can’t kill them, what then? We need to find out why they’re doing what they’re doing and find a way to stop them from doing it, just in case it’s not as easy as lopping off their heads.”

“Sage is right.” Crowlin agreed. “If they do prove stronger than us, knowing their motive may lead us to a weakness we can exploit. Not every problem can be solved with senseless violence.” Crowlin cast a knowing look at Kashé. “Though some may try.”

“I’m not senselessly violent!” Kashé protested. “I’m just. . . enthusiastically proactive about solving problems quickly and efficiently.”

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