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Hey. It's me, Silver. Yeah. This guy.

Alright, so we've been screwing around with the Mage Knights blog. Changes are as follows:

1. Mage Knights and Inkfingers (Sparkfly's writing blog) are now interlinked. You can find Inkfingers at the bar at the top. It's the one that involves elements of writing and Twilight-bashing. Yep, that's the one.

2. Against my better judgement, we are trying out a different, brighter blog template. If the readership disagrees with the new look, whine to your heart's content in the comments. We'll change things accordingly.

3. You can now follow us by email, if you're ever so faithful. Just enter your email in the box up in the corner that says "Follow By Email". Pretty simple.

4. The Hexed! flashcomic WILL NOT be linked to the Mage Knights blog, on Sparkfly's insistence. So if you're looking for the flashcomic blog I maintain independently, you won't find it here.

Right. Have a great Saturday. Stay away from sock monkeys.


Sparkfly checking in with a few matters of note.

1. All of the posts we put up are in between 200 and 500 words, barring any exceptional circumstances. This is to keep all the posts to a readable length, something most people can absorb in under 5 minutes. We assume that if you're checking in with Mage Knights weekly, you're not looking to read a novel. (If you're a newcomer, then catching up might be like reading a novel. And we don't discourage novel reading! :D In fact we hope you like it enough to read through all our posts.)

2. Silver and I are thinking of working on an archive of posts if Mage Knights survives the summer. (Which we suspect it will; we do this more on principle than on readership. Sad but true.) At this point, an archive would be kind of pointless, given how few posts we have and how short a time we've been doing this.

3. We'll be playing the blog's look for an indefinite amount of time, until we figure out which look suits it best. When we finally settle on something we'll try to apprise you of all the changes to the blog's functions.

As usual, if you have questions, email us or post in the comments. May your Sunday be very warm and sunny  ;)


Hey, Silver here! Just clearing up some things for our readers. Mage Knights updates on Monday and Thursday, if you're such an avid fan. Also, the comments sections are open to everyone who reads the blog; you don't need to be a Blogger member to comment. Toodle-oo!


Hey there. I'm Sparkfly.

And I'm Silver Sico.

Both of us maintain the Mage Knights blog. Silver comes up with plot arcs and I write most of the posts.

Sometimes he tweaks stuff without my permission. *coughmakingKashépartelfcough*

You'll get over it, Silver. Anyway, I came up with the idea of writing a fantasy story in blog format. It wouldn't require much time to produce two posts a week, and we could form a buffer of future posts. It was something new that I thought I'd try-

I'm really only doing it 'cause I'm bored.

-and a novelty that I thought the online community might appreciate. Kind of like a free book, given out in chunks twice a week. Who doesn't like a free book, right?

I think iTunes offers a free ebook every week.

Shut up, Silver. Anyway, that's Mage Knights in a nutshell. A joint project, a story blog, a free book that updates twice a week. We're open to readers of all ages and demographics. If you've got feedback, suggestions, or miscellaneous comments, then post them in the comment sections, or email me at knittingneedlesoffury@gmail.com.

My email's silversico@gmail.com. You can email me, but we prefer that you use the comment sections below each post. Right, Sparkfly?

Right. Unless you have something to say that should be said privately. In which case, email us. Enjoy!

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