Monday, October 8, 2012

Mage Knights: Quick Study

“News of the massacre in Arcanis has not yet spread to smaller hamlets.” Deviån reported as they trotted out of the village and on to Wayward. “It was the first time the villagers here had been made aware of the attack. I have no doubt that in larger cities such as Wayward, the Arcanis Council has scryed them and informed them of the massacre, as well as our disappearance. We were well received here, but it will not be so in Wayward.”

“We bought enough provisions to last the brief journey between here and Wayward.” Kashé informed. “Crowlin was also attacked by the village children. They wanted to know why he wore such thick robes and had black lines along his cheekbones.”

“Little savages.” Crowlin muttered, still brushing off his robes, which were covered in the dust that had been hurled at him. “And they say that mage knights are widely respected. Sha!”

“Did you find out if any of the masked ones passed through the village?” Sage asked Deviån.

Deviån shook his head. “As far as I could gather, no. We are no closer to tracking them down than we were at our outset.”

“Then we pin all of our hopes on this sage we are seeking to visit.” Coriko summarized. “We will have to sneak into Wayward, though. I do not imagine that will be easy.”

“Perhaps.” Sage said. “Or perhaps not.”

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