Monday, September 3, 2012

Mage Knights: Quick Study

“Of the six masks, one is dominant over the other five.” Crowlin continued explaining as they crossed a river. “That mask is called the Kahu Kahu, the mask of leadership. It contains a little bit of the properties of the other five masks.”

“Which are?” Sage asked, now listening avidly.

“Oh, please don’t.” Deviån groaned. “It’s bad enough that he’s giving us a classroom lesson on the go.”

Crowlin went on as if Deviån hadn’t spoken. “In no particular order of importance:

“The Kahu Parmu - it sharpens the sight of the wearer and enhances the reach and accuracy of their divining skills.

“The Kahu Kopak - it increases the wearer’s sensitivity to the magic in the world around them, and grants the wearer the ability to mute the magic of the people around the wearer.

“The Kahu Vaytra - it heightens the wearer’s sense of hearing and allows the wearer to hear the thoughts of those around him.

“The Kahu Ifera - it increases the cunning of the wearer and boosts the strength of their spells.

“The Kahu Oru - it doubles the strength of the wearer and increases his resistance to magical attacks.

“And the Kahu Kahu - containing a little bit of the qualities of the other five masks, it allows the wearer complete command over the wearers of the other five masks.”

“And would you also have a list of the twenty-nine variations of Gegil’s Fire?” Deviån inquired sarcastically. “I was looking forward to hearing you recite them.”

Nudging his horse up behind Deviån’s, Sage gave Deviån’s steed a sharp smack on the flank. Deviån yelled as his horse took off, dumping him in the shallows.

“You should really pay more attention in class, Deviån.” Sage said, trotting by him. “You might learn something.”

Deviån glared, coming up with a riverbed pebble and whipping it at Sage. It bounced off his head, and Sage growled, his fingers starting form the signs for a spell.

“Enough.” Kashé said sharply, trotting between the two of them. “Or I’ll knock both you lugs senseless and tie you to the undersides of your horses for the rest of the journey.”

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