Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mage Knights: Quick Study

Cloaked and hooded, Eclipse entered a village on the northern border of Aylodae. Walking down the main road, she accosted one of the men and requested the location of the stables, then made her way there. Not liking the look of the visitor, the man alerted the village watch to her presence.

At the stables, she requested a black stallion. The owner of the stable was reluctant to sell, claiming he had another customer the next town over waiting to purchase the stallion of question. Eclipse was undeterred, doubling the offer of the absent buyer. The stallion’s owner was still reluctant, and it was at this time that two of the village watch stepped in.

“Ma’am, our breeder obviously does not want to sell.” one of the village watch said firmly and politely.

Eclipse ignored him. “I can offer two full deols for the stallion in question, and that is only rental price. When I am finished with my journey I will return him, as I will likely have no further need of him.” she said to the breeder.

The breeder shook his head, looking to the village watch for help. The other member of the village watch stepped forward, clapping a hand on Eclipse’s shoulder. “You should leave.” he advised unkindly.

Without looking, Eclipse grabbed his hand and snapped it backward, breaking it. Her eyes never left the breeder as she forced the much larger man to his knees before her. “My patience is waning.” she stated calmly. “Will you sell or not?”

The breeder stared with wide eyes, looking to the other member of the village watch to intervene. The moment he moved, Eclipse twisted the first man’s wrist, breaking it in another direction. As he howled, Eclipse’s scarlet irises burned out from the darkness beneath her hood.

“A quick decision would be prudent.” she advised ominously. To emphasize her point, she twisted the first man’s wrist yet again, breaking it in yet another direction.

“Two deols is perfectly acceptable.” the breeder quickly agreed over the man’s scream.

“Excellent.” Eclipse said pleasantly, digging out the money with her free hand. “A pleasure bartering you. If you could have him brought here immediately, I would fain appreciate it.”

As the breeder scrambled off to get the horse, Eclipse released the man whose hand she had thrice broken. “Next time, you may wish to carefully consider the consequences before choosing to lay hands on a Druid.” she said unconcernedly, flicking a hand towards the man’s wrist. The bones instantly set themselves, the damage healing. “I have healed the damage I have done with my hands alone. Pray you do not ever incense me enough to use magic. The damage will be much more extensive, and far beyond your village magician’s limited ability to heal.”

As the breeder brought out the stallion, Eclipse jumped up on it, taking her leave. Galloping out of the village, she set her course for the interior of Aylodae.

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