Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mage Knights: Quest of the Black Cat

In the lower halls of the Instructory, two mage knights marched by, patrolling the the level. They passed a dark corner filled with shadows; after they went on their way, one of those shadows slipped away and slunk further down the hall. Keeping close to the walls, Myrrdin slipped down to the vault rooms and cast about, his yellow eyes glowing in the darkness.

Hearing boots coming his way, he slipped into another dark corner and watched as three mage knights came around the corner. One of them was holding the Kahu Ifera; the other two specified the vault that the mask was to be stored in. The mage knight with the mask nodded.

Watching from the darkness, Myrrdin focused on the mask. In the torchlight, the rims of the eyeholes seemed to take on a lifelike gleam. A faint red light seemed to kindle to life in the mask’s eyes, and with a jolt, Myrrdin realized the mask was staring at him.

It knew he was there.

Myrrdin restrained a hiss. The mask had a sentience of its own; it was an entity unto itself, which might explain the strange allure it held over others.

The three mage knights parted ways, the other two leaving and the one with the mask walking down the hall leading to the vaults. Myrrdin silently followed the latter knight, keeping to the pools of shadows between torchlights.

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