Monday, September 10, 2012

Mage Knights: Quick Study

Crowlin blinked, rubbing his eyes. Stretching, he shook his head and refocused on the tome he’d brought with him. It was night, and the others were asleep. Kashé had taken the first watch and was staying up with Crowlin.

“You should really get to sleep.” she said to Crowlin, coaxing a miniature flame wolf out of the fire. “You didn’t sleep last night and you don’t have a strong constitution.”

Crowlin watched as Kashé directed the flame wolf around, letting it step into her hand and then morph into a snake, which slithered up her arm and onto her shoulder, where it grew legs and wings and became thicker, turning into a dragon. Such adept manipulation of fire showed Kashé’s advanced skill with the element. It was why she was a declared fire mage, in spite of her elvish heritage.

“I’m studying.” Crowlin answered, looking back to his tome. “Kahu, Oru, Kopak, Vaytra, Parmu, and Ifera were all heroes of ancient times. They were considered the first archmages.”

“Is that what the book says?” Kashé said, feeding a splinter of wood to the fire dragon on her shoulder.

“No. It’s common teachings of Druid history, something I remembered when I was reading through these names. I’d realized I’d heard them somewhere before.” Crowlin answered. “The book does say that the masks were forged to replicate the powers of what the eastern shamans believed at the time to be gods. It says that Kahu and the others were these gods, though I know they were really only powerful archmages with a deep understanding of magic. I never knew that the Precursors visited the east. . .”

“Precursors?” Kashé asked.

“Yes. My schooling in Druid knowledge was limited, but I have the basics. The Precursors were the ancestors of Men, Elves, and Druids.” Crowlin explained. “Over time, they split off to become the branches of humanity that exist today.”

“The knowledge of the Druids must be vast, to go back so many years.” Kashé commented, feeding a pebble to her fire dragon.

“Indeed.” Crowlin agreed. Kashé’s doting on her fire dragon reminded him of Myrrdin. “I wonder how Myrrdin’s doing. . .”

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