Monday, September 17, 2012

Mage Knights: Quest of the Black Cat

Returning to the Instructory, Myrrdin lurked in the bushes as he contemplated how he would get into the Instructory’s underground vaults, where the Kahu Ifera would obviously be stored. His mind lingered, with some exasperation, on Inkfang for a moment. She was, without question, a very attractive vixen. Soft fur, bushy tail, big, green eyes, and a musk that smelled faintly of cinnamon. And she was also very fond of him, as noted on several of his past visits. However, Myrrdin was not keen on a relationship, mostly due to a rough past with regards to romance, and so he maintained a cool and collected distance from Inkfang.

Keeping close to the walls and using the bushes as cover, Myrrdin made his way to a side door along the outside wall. The door was generally used by gardeners passing in and out of the campus while they were tending the grounds, but it would obviously be monitored now. Unfortunately, Myrrdin did not know of any ways into the campus that would avoid detection, and there were no tall trees he could use to get over the walls. Coming to the door, he opened it with a flash of his eyes, and slipped in.

Once within, he quickly slipped in among the flowers and made his way to the nearest tree. No alarms went off, but the spell monitoring the door would’ve alerted the mage knights in charge of that section of the campus border. Coming out of the flowers, Myrrdin bolted across the short distance to the tree and raced up the trunk, taking cover in the thick summer leaves. Running along the branches, he made his way from tree to tree, eventually reaching the main building. Dropping from the tree, he slunk over to the door, hiding in the flowers, and slipped in as a mage knight stepped out.

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