Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mage Knights: Quest of the Black Cat

Myrrdin glanced around the corner into Crowlin’s room. It was in a disheveled state; the mage knights assigned to the Instructory had obviously rifled through his belongings in the wake of his disappearance. Drawing back, Myrrdin slipped through the halls and out onto the grounds, evading the watch of mage knights patrolling the walls of the Instructory. Ever since the massacre, there had been a new feel of vulnerability to Arcanis, a lingering fear in the air. Aylodae was supposed to be a safe, cultured region with a powerful army to guard it, but that perception had been challenged by the massacre.

Leaving the campus and padding down the streets, Myrrdin entered one of the public parks in Arcanis. Navigating his way into the thick bushes along the wilder edge of the park, he hissed out a name.


There was no response, and Myrrdin narrowed his eyes. He cast about, and was about to hiss again, when a bushy black tail with a white tip swept over his mouth.

“Well well. Look who decided to pay me a visit.” said a coy black vixen with green eyes. “What’s the matter, Myrrdin? You look cross.”

Myrrdin twitched his whiskers. Inkfang was a Darkling fox, a rare type of vixen with greater intelligence and a student of arcane arts. It was to her that he went to when he needed to learn stealth spells.

“I need a spell that allows me go unseen.” Myrrdin stated in a businesslike voice.

“Oh? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Cats are supposed to be the masters of the night.” Inkfang murmured, pressing her muzzle into Myrrdin’s shoulder. “My, don’t you have soft fur. Did you wash before you came to see me?”

“No.” Myrrdin said sternly, slapping Inkfang’s muzzle with his tail. “I need a spell that will hide me from even a mage knight.”

“Mm, stealth spells of that caliber aren’t exactly commonplace, Myrrdin.” Inkfang said, running her tail under Myrrdin’s chin as she padded around him. “What are you up to, mysterious one?”

“Something important. Do you have a spell like that, or not? I don’t have time to sit around and flirt with you.” Myrrdin said brusquely.

Inkfang pouted. “You’re as stiff as a stuffed stag, Myrrdin. Carrying on like the world hangs on your actions. A proper cat, if I ever saw one!”

“At the moment, the fate of Aylodae may hinge on my actions. I have no time for your affections, Inkfang.” Myrrdin said, rising and leaving. “I’ll just have to get along with the stealth spells at my disposal.”

“You. . . you arrogant, self-absorbed cat! You still owe me!” Inkfang shouted after him in frustration.

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