Monday, August 13, 2012

Mage Knights: The Leave Taking

Puzzle Pieces
“Are the others sleeping?” Crowlin asked.

Sage nodded. “Deviån’s out like a light. Coriko’s tossing and turning.”

“You left out Kashé. Which means you were watching Kashé sleep.” Crowlin assessed.

Sage was glad the relative darkness hid the color that rose to his face. “It does not mean that at all!” he protested.

“You should keep your voice down. Kashé’s part elf, and elves sleep lightly.” Crowlin teased.

“Never mind you.” Sage muttered. “Myrrdin told you to bring that book you’ve been carrying around. What importance does it have?”

Crowlin opened the tome. “It tells me where the mask on the dead man came from. The mask itself is the Kahu Ifera, one of a set of six masks from a far eastern culture, all infused with dark magic. That was as much as I’d read before you and the others burst in on me.”

“There were six attackers during the ambush in the Courtyard.” Sage recalled. “All of them wearing masks. Not a coincidence, I think.”

“Agreed.” Crowlin concurred. “They were probably wearing the other five masks in the set. There’s an entire section on those masks in this book.” Tapping the page, Crowlin looked up. “There’s a sage that lives over in Wayward who studies eastern magics. He might have deeper information on these masks.”

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