Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mage Knights: Childhood's End

“What?” Crowlin said, shocked.

“A mob, looking for your head!” Kashé repeated, pulling him up. “Up on your feet!”

“Do you have your sword? Excellent.” Sage said.

“Wait, why?” Crowlin demanded, confused.

“It is believed that you helped orchestrate the massacre.” Kashé explained. “The late-night drunks have carried the conspiracy theory even further, and they can’t be reasoned with.”

“I can hear them!” Coriko said, looking to the front of the Great Library. The faint mutter of discontents was filtering to them.

“They’re here!” Deviån hissed. “We must go!”

“Go where?” Crowlin asked.

“Away from here. Out of the city. With us. We were leaving anyway, but this’ll just move our departure forward a few days.” Sage answered.

There was the sound of doors being forced open, and the angry rumble of the mob poured through the Great Library. Myrrdin mewed. “Crowlin! Take it with you.” he said, placing a paw on the tome Crowlin had been looking at.

As Crowlin grabbed the book, one of the mage knights assigned to Arcanis stepped in on them, and instantly shouted out. “He’s back here!”

“Away!” Sage hissed, grabbing Crowlin and yanking him along, with Kashé, Deviån, and Coriko following up the rear.

“The mask!” Crowlin shouted, throwing out an arm. “I can’t leave it behind; it’s dangerous!”

“Not as dangerous as an angry mob that even respected mage knights have been caught up in.” Sage replied, drawing his sword. “This is insanity. Mage knights are supposed to be levelheaded, not brainless mob lugs!”

Back at the table, the mage knight moved to pursue the fleeing companions, but Myrrdin hissed at him.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay put.” the mage cat threatened.

“It talks!” the mage knight gasped, drawing his sword.

“Oh, it does much more than talk.” Myrrdin growled. His eyes flashed, and a horizontal cascade of books flew out from the nearest shelves and hit the knight, bringing him down.

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