Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mage Knights: The Leave Taking

“You should really get some sleep, Crowlin.”

Crowlin looked around. Sage was standing at his doorway.

“I tried.” Crowlin said, turning to stare out the window into the night once more. “But I can’t.”

Sage came over and took a seat beside Crowlin. “Aye, I know the feeling.” Sage said heavily, then smiled. “It’s the reason I’m still awake.”

Crowlin stroked the book in his lap. They were in one of the villages around Arcanis, and would stay there till morning. Bands of armed civilians were roaming the streets of Arcanis, searching for Crowlin, but wouldn’t find him since he wasn’t in the city.

“The people won’t look kindly on me for running.” Crowlin said quietly. “They’ll think I’m guilty of what I was accused of.”

“I would say you didn’t have a choice.” Sage replied.

“I hope Myrrdin’s fine.” Crowlin said, setting the tome aside. “What were you and the others doing? You said you were planning on leaving Arcanis. . .”

“Oh. That.” Sage said, lacing his fingers together. “An emissary from the Archsage met with Deviån, Kashé and I. The Archsage wanted us to track down the group responsible for the massacre and stop them. We were allowed to invite three others with us on the mission. I was going to invite you.”

“Looks like I don’t have much of a choice, do I?” Crowlin stated grimly.

Sage smiled. “There’s always a choice. Some of the options are just less pleasant than others.”

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