Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mage Knights: The Leave Taking

Yawning, Kashé rose and walked in on Sage, who was doing pushups on the dirt floor. Blinking, she rubbed her eyes. “How long have you been up?” she murmured sleepily.

“I never went to sleep.” Sage answered, finished exercising. “Crowlin couldn’t sleep either. He spent the night reading. I went out and got supplies and horses as soon as dawn started to come.”

“Horses? How did you have enough money for that?” Kashé asked as Sage rose and tugged a cloth out of the washbasin, toweling himself down.

“Crowlin gave me money, two full deols.” Sage answered, wringing out the cloth. “He called it pocket money. He’s still got more in his purse. Yow, that’s cold water.”

“He calls deols pocket money?” Kashe said, tossing Sage’s shirt to him. “Pocket money for a king, mayhaps.”

“He does come from a prestigious family.” Sage replied, tugging his shirt on. “But he doesn’t flaunt it, and it’s his money that’s gotten us what we need, so I see no reason to complain. Are Coriko and Deviån awake?”

“I can wake them.” Kashé exhaled, stretching, and catching Sage watching her. “Oi. Eyes off.”

Sage waved a hand as he buckled his sword on. “I’m just admiring the inherent perfection of elvish architecture.” he demurred.

“I’ll have you admiring the inner architecture of the village well if you keep looking.” Kashé threatened, leaving to get ready. “Coriko! Deviån!”

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