Monday, August 20, 2012

Mage Knights: The Leave Taking

“Gah!” Deviån groaned. “It’s barely light out. Why did you wake me up?”

“Because we’re not safe here.” Sage answered, collecting his few possessions and gearing up. “The Council of Arcanis will be looking for Crowlin, and the mage knights assigned to Arcanis will be doing the looking for them. The surrounding villages are the first place they’d check, so we need to be off before they get here.”

“If we’re on foot and they’re on horseback, we won’t make it far.” Coriko yawned, rubbing her eyes.

“Stop fretting.” Deviån ordered suavely. “It was a drunken mob that was after Crowlin last night. They’ll wake up today with a headache, regretting their actions last night, and they won’t bother to follow us.”

“Except that the five of us have left.” Kashé pointed out. “There were six attackers at the Courtyard during the massacre. One was killed, leaving only five. Then the five of us leave Arcanis, disappearing into the night? It will strike them as highly suspicious.”

“But we were there during the massacre, remember?” Deviån pointed out. “Kashé ran in with Sage and started hacking apart spell circles, while Crowlin cast the Grace of Aralis to protect the survivors. And don’t forget that Coriko and I were among those trapped in the spell circles. We couldn’t be killing our classmates, getting killed ourselves, and saving our friends all at the same time!”

“Very few know the details of what happened, and since we aren’t there to give our accounts, we cannot defend our version of what happened.” Coriko said, strapping her travel armor on. “In our absence, the clarity of what happened that day will diminish. Conspirers can spread rumors, and rumors will be taken for truth. The only way to settle this mess is to carry out the mission the Archsage gave to us. If we can do that, he will vouch for us, and that will validate our innocence.”

“Alright, alright.” Deviån gave in, getting up. “I really only desired a few more hours of sleep, but the lot of you put down more good arguments than I can counter. Let’s get ready to go. And where’s Crowlin?”

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