Monday, August 27, 2012

Mage Knights: Quest of the Black Cat

Myrrdin prowled down the streets of Arcanis, a dark look in his golden eyes. After Crowlin’s escape last night, the Instructory had been locked down, multiple guard spells activated to protect the campus. A good number of mob members had been trapped within the campus, since the guard spells were meant to keep anyone from entering or leaving. Sage and the others had probably shaken the pursuit because of that.

As for Myrrdin himself, he had been forced to slip off when multiple mage knights began turning up. The Great Library held untold nooks and alcoves, and Myrrdin had used them to evade the mage knights searching for him. The search for him had eventually been called off, but by then, Myrrdin had managed to slip off the campus, using fox magic to open a small hole in the guard spells.

So now, wandering the streets of Arcanis, Myrrdin brooded heavily on the mask he had failed to guard. The mage knights would’ve taken it and locked it away somewhere, to be researched later. But Crowlin had told him of the draw the mask possessed; how it influenced those nearby. It had been why Crowlin requested Myrrdin remain with him as he researched the mask; he had nearly fallen under the mask’s thrall once and didn’t want to do so again. There was no guarantee that those now handling the mask would possess the same astute wisdom and caution as Crowlin, and should anyone don the mask, Myrrdin knew no good could come of it.

Grumbling irately, the mage cat made his way back to the Instructory, snapping at every human rude enough to get in his way.

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