Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mage Knights: Summer's Beginning

Part Elf
“Right, we should probably get you back to your dorm, Kashé.” Coriko said, noticing that Kashé and Sage were starting to nod off. “The night grows late.”

“Eh, if you say so.” Sage mumbled. “C’mon, girly. Up and at ‘em.” Sliding off his stool, he nudged Kashé out of her doze. Kashé perked up, blinking.

“Mm? Yeah?” she mumbled.

“Got’s to go home, so sleep for to go thing do. . .” Sage yawned. “Ack. That dragon whiskey will twist your head around.”

“Sure.” Kashé said, slipping off her stool. Coriko steadied her as she tilted upon hitting the floor.

Mutterings and whispers tripped through the air as the trio put their cloaks on and readied themselves for departure. As she secured her cloak about her neck, Kashé caught wind of the mutterings floating over from the table occupied by the knights visiting from Durianor.

“These Aylodeans are queer folk, aye? Lookit ‘em. They let their women fight; those two over there are wearing the armor of knights.”

“Aye, and the redhead looks quaint; I’d almost say she was elvish, or at least part elf.”

In a sudden flash of temper, Kashé whirled on the knights. “Aye, I’m part elf, and all the stronger in magic for it! You blockheads want to find out the hard way?”

“You remember your place here, elf girl!” one of the knights snapped, standing and drawing his sword.

“No.” said a cold, chilling voice. The sword in the knight’s hand glowed red, heated to high temperature, and the knight yelped and dropped his sword. The tavern went silent as Myrrdin padded in silently, glaring at the Durianor knights. “You will remember your place. You observe our customs, obey our laws, abide by our traditions, while you are in Aylodae. You will afford our mage knights, be they male or female, all the respect a knight in any region deserves.” Myrrdin flicked his tail. “Are we understood?”

The offending knight simply rubbed his seared hand and sat back down again, glaring. Myrrdin turned to the three mage-knights-in-training. “Let us go, before your addled heads get you into any further trouble.”

Following the mage cat, the trio left the tavern.

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