Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mage Knights: Summer's Beginning

“Alright, alright, put me down!” Kashé hissed. “If Deviån sees you carrying me in, he’ll have a fit. Besides, I want to walk to my graduation, not be carried.”

“How do I look?” Sage asked, brushing off his cloak and straightening his shirt.

Kashé reached up and tried to brush Sage’s hair down, then gave up. “Your hair is hopeless. It never behaves.”

“A sign of my unquenchable spirit.” Sage intoned with mock nobility, then glanced around the corner into the Courtyard. “Looks like they’ve already started the speech. Mmm, wait, it looks like something is happening.”

“What is it?” Kashé asked, glancing around the corner with Sage.

“I don’t quite know.” Sage admitted in confusion. “It looks like there’s a lot of spell circles sitting under everybody. . .”

When the screams began to ring out, both apprentices’ eyes went wide. 

“It’s an ambush.” Sage hissed, drawing his sword. “Here in the Courtyard, of all places! At the heart of the Instructory! C’mon, we’ve got to break open as many of those spell circles as we can!”

Kashé followed Sage out into the Courtyard, mage fire kindling to life in her hands since she was bereft of her sword. Along the length of Sage’s blade, spell runes gleamed to life, lending a dangerous blue glow to the double-edged blade. Reaching the ranks of the senior students, Sage brought his sword up and around, cleaving through the encasing red light that had sprung up around one of his classmates. As the spell circle collapsed, Sage yanked him out, moving onto the next entrapped classmate. As fast as he freed his friends, though, Sage knew it was too late to save all of them, or even half of them.

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