Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mage Knights: Summer's Beginning

“I can’t see why this ceremonial fodder is important.” Kashé grumbled, arrayed in a dress. Sage was leaning against the doorway, waiting on her. “It’s just an amalgamation of pomp and circumstance meant to make us feel good about our service to Aylodae. I don’t need some ceremony to tell me how much the region values its mage knights.”

“Most likely a traditional thing.” Sage said, bored. He was arrayed in a simple uniform and cloak, with his sword belted by his side. “I know you hate getting dressed up, so why do you put so much effort into it?”

Kashé glared at Sage. “Men look at me differently when I’m not in combat gear. It grates on my nerves that their impression of me changes with the clothes I wear.”

Sage raised an eyebrow. “That doesn’t answer why you devote so much time to preening yourself.”

“I don’t preen myself.” Kashé huffed. “Whenever I do something, I do it to the best of my ability, whether it’s dressing for an occasion or cutting open an enemy.”

“Well, that’s certainly you down to a letter. As beautiful in a dress as you are in battle.” Sage complimented.

“Stop it.” Kashé muttered. “You and Deviån, all the time. . . you two never stop.” Finished with preparing, she looked around. “Why is it so quiet?”

Sage checked his timekeeper. “We may theoretically be late by several minutes.”

“What?!” Kashé gasped. “Why didn’t you say so earlier! Blast it all, Sage! If I don’t graduate because of you, you’ll be dead by the end of the day!”

“Hey, at least we’ll fail to graduate together, right?”

Kashé smacked Sage upside the head. “If we don’t graduate, there isn’t going to be a we for very long!”

“Right. You really want to graduate.” Sage said, brushing off his cloak. “Well, I guess I do too. I wasn’t really planning on spending another year here. Can’t you walk any faster?”

“Rrrr! This is why I hate dresses!” Kashé growled.

“I can help with that.” Sage said, picking Kashé up and walking faster. “Hey, you’re pretty light.”

Kashé folded her arms, scowling. “You would say that, with those weak little arms of yours.”

Sage frowned. “Just because I’m not buff like those blockheads from Durianor doesn’t mean I’m weak.”

“As if normal knights could ever match up to the mage knights of Aylodae.” Kashé assured him. “Just get us there in time, alright?”

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