Monday, April 30, 2012

Mage Knights: Summer's Beginning

“Durry, you should really stop selling them drinks.” Coriko said quietly to the barkeep.

“You know I can’t do that when I’m turning a profit.” Durry replied.

“Aye, don’t stop!” Sage crowed, now drunk as well. “Keep it running till the cask runs dry! Fill me up, Durry!”

“Durry, there’s a reason they usually limit themselves to a couple of drinks on the weekend.” Coriko advised. “You remember what happened last year at the end of spring semester."

“Aye, and a mighty good brawl it was.” Kashé giggled, leaning against the bar. “How many glasses did we smash, Durry? I think you even had to replace a dozen chairs.”

“And you were the one that broke most of ‘em!” Sage laughed.

“Mmm. . . you may have a point, Coriko.” Durry frowned, not recalling last year’s brawl in a very positive light. “No more drinks for you two.”

“Aw, that’s harsh, Durry.” Kashé sulked. “You hear that, Sage? He’s cuttin’ us off.”

“Aye, don’t worry about it.” Sage sighed, throwing an arm around Kashé’s shoulders as the both of them leaned back against the counter. “We did go through a whole bottle of dragon whiskey, and that stuff tisn’t cheap. He’s just afraid we’ll deplete his reserves.”

“Meh.” Kashé yawned, leaning her head against Sage’s shoulder. “Tomorrow’s hangover will be legendary.”

“Oog. Don’t remind me.” Sage said, draining the last dregs of ale from his mug.

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