Monday, July 23, 2012

Mage Knights: Childhood's End

Sage stepped into Durry’s tavern and looked around; finding no sign of Crowlin, he was about to leave when he noticed Coriko over at the bar. Stepping in, he walked over to the bar and took a seat beside her. For the first time that he was aware of, Coriko had ordered something alcoholic, and not water or tea.

“I suppose Kashé offered to let you come on the mission?” Sage said quietly, motioning to Durry to get him a mug of water. At least one of them should be sober, but since Coriko wasn’t fulfilling her usual function, Sage had to be the sober one tonight.

Coriko cast a sidelong glance at Sage. Nearly all of her friends had been killed during the attack on the Instructory, and she’d taken it particularly hard.

“Aye.” Coriko muttered. “What of it?”

Sage shrugged. “I was just wondering if you’d made a decision. If we’re going to go, we need to do it soon, before the trail goes cold.”

“What trail?” Coriko demanded. “We all know there’s no trail. Whoever they were, they just disappeared into thin air when Crowlin raised the strongest shield spell anyone at the Instructory’s ever raised.”

“So you’re not coming?”

“I didn’t say that.” Coriko said, slamming her mug down. “Aye, I’m coming. I lost all my friends to masked cowards. I know they teach us that revenge should never be the motive behind a mage knight’s actions, but someone must answer for all the good blood spilled that day. May the spirits help them if I ever find out who was responsible.”

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