Monday, July 2, 2012

Mage Knights: Childhood's End

“But. . . we only became mage knights mere days ago!” Kashé pointed out, shocked as Deviån and Sage.

“Precisely.” the emissary agreed. “As young knights, your names will not be well known. You will be able to blend in better among others, and nearly no one in all of Aylodae will recognize your faces, since you are not well-traveled. That way, if this group has spies or hides among the citizenry, their suspicions will not be roused as easily if older, better-known mage knights had undertaken this same mission.”

“We’ll do it.” Deviån immediately volunteered bombastically. “You can be assured we won’t let the Archsage down.”

“Are we allowed to take others with us?” Sage asked, thinking critically.

“At most, three others besides yourselves.” the emissary stated. “The purpose of this mission is that the group be a small one, to avoid attention and suspicion. As many as six may go, but I recommend four or five. The fewer, the faster your flight and pursuit.”

“Coriko.” Kashé said immediately. “I’m inviting her.”

“Someone you can trust. That’s good.” the emissary intuited. “Deviån?”

Deviån blew the emissary off. “I don’t need anyone to back me up.”

“And you, Sage?” the emissary inquired.

“I have someone who may come if invited.” Sage answered thoughtfully, quietly. “This is our mission now, though. We’ll make our own decisions without the guidance of others. You can tell the Archsage that he can count on us.”

The emissary nodded, rising. “The next generation rising to the challenge with independence. It is a heartening thing. Good luck, mage knights. May the wind carry you far.”


  1. Wow. I really admire Deviån's confidence and tenacity. He's really shaping up well to be the lead antagonist. He sounds so certain and fearless, it's great characterization. Not to mention his bravery in not wanting to endanger his friends by bringing them along (c.f. Coriko) I hope that whiney old Sage doesn't get in his way… that guy could be a real downer on the mission. Keep it up, guys.

  2. I know, right? So selfless and chauvinistic.