Monday, July 9, 2012

Mage Knights: Childhood's End

Sage walked back to his dorm alone, thinking on the mission assigned to him and his two companions. Kashé had gone to invite Coriko to be part of their party, while Deviån had gone to pack. Sage had considered inviting Crowlin, but he wasn’t sure the bookish teaching assistant was cut out for a mission with this kind of danger.

But what weighed most heavily on Sage’s mind was the fact that he had no idea of where to start.

They’d been given a mission with a clear end goal: find the organization, bring them to heel and stop them from killing. The goal itself was simple enough, but it was getting to that goal that was the problem. They didn’t know what the organization was. They didn’t know their motivation, didn’t know where they were based, didn’t know what resources or knowledge they had at their disposal. In short, they knew nothing.

In short, they were embarking on a mission with essentially no idea of what they were supposed to be doing, or even what direction they should head in. The end goal became much more daunting when you took into account the fact that they knew nothing about their opponents.

Thinking on the problem, Sage wondered if Crowlin could help them after all. He was more versed in esoteric subjects, and was often engaged in reading ancient histories and obscure tomes. Perhaps he would know something that could give them a direction to go in. Reaching their dorm, Sage pushed open the door.

“Crowlin. . .?”

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