Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mage Knights: Childhood's End

“He should’ve been here ten minutes ago.” Deviån muttered, looking around.

Kashé frowned. “Perhaps he was held up.”

Sage glanced up from the book he was reading, ignoring the other two. Twisting his fingers in a sign and sweeping his arm down, a crescent of light formed off the tips of his fingers, slicing down towards the table. The blade of light left a deep cut on the edge of the table, and Sage grimaced.

“Hmm. Hope no one notices that.” he murmured, rubbing the cut.

“Are you even concerned?” Deviån demanded. “You’re just fooling around!”

“Correction: I’m learning new spells.” Sage said, memorizing the motions for the spell. “I’m making good use of my time. You have a problem with that?”

“How much longer should we wait?” Kashé asked, the question aimed at either of them.

“He may be delayed, or in trouble.” Sage said, shelving the book he had been studying. “If he doesn’t arrived in the next ten minutes, one of us should stay here and wait for him while the other two go out and look for him.”

“That’s the kind of thinking that makes a good mage knight.” a disembodied voice said, startling all three of them. The air by a bookshelf seemed to ripple, and a man shimmered into view. “I am the emissary you’ve been waiting for. Deviån and Kashé I’ve already met, so I would presume you are Sage.”

“That would be me.” Sage nodded. “You called us here for a reason, I presume?”

“I did.” the emissary said, pulling out a chair and taking a seat. As he did, he rubbed the cut that Sage had taken out of the table. “You pick up spells very fast, I notice. Likely part of the reason that you were one of those invited here. Please, all three of you take a seat. We need to talk.”

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