Monday, June 11, 2012

Mage Knights: Childhood's End

“Kashé. . . and Deviån.” Sage greeted his two peers as the three of them met at a junction in the hall. “What’s the occasion?”

“That’s Mage Deviån to you.” Deviån replied smartly. “There’s a secret emissary here from the capital to see a number of the new mage knights that survived the attack. You were on the list. . . can’t imagine why.”

“Would you two stop needling each other!” Kashé reprimanded. She was dressed in the light, travel-friendly armor of a mage knight and shrouded in a long cloak, just the same as Deviån and Sage were. “He wants us to meet him in a corner of the Great Library in an hour.”

“We should be there, then.” Sage replied. “Is it just the three of us, or are there others?”

“Just the three.” Kashé answered. “You can make it, then?”

“Of course. As a matter of fact, we should probably go right now. Punctuality should make an impression.” Sage replied, ignoring Deviån. “Also, Crowlin just woke up. He should be up and about soon.”

“We’ll talk on the way.” Kashé said, turning on her heel with a whirl of her cloak and heading towards the Great Library, Sage and Deviån following her.

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